The Connected Care Challenge is focused on shaping innovative solutions for providing care to individuals and families. Participants are encouraged to sign up as teams that collaborate across disciplines to create concept prototypes that address any of the challenges in «providing and delivering care for audiences across all age-groups».

Participants will be asked to ideate, design and develop prototypes that use data sets, public APIs and Altinn. Throughout the event, coaching and break-out sessions give participants the support and advice they need and allow them to learn something new.

Teams will be given access to data sets from relevant public service agencies via Altinn’s data-sharing capabilities or direct access to the agency's channels. This will provide teams with the raw data which they can use to develop their prototypes.

The event is unique due to the fact that participants will be able to use Altinn's unique functionality for user-managed consent (“samtykke”) while also gaining access to a variety of public data sets. Startups can use this data towards designing new service offerings and gain insight into different aspects of care management.


Given their importance, the role of digital platforms and data in designing new services is largely underplayed. Platforms are the lynchpin that connect organizations in the digital world and as more and more devices come online, platforms function as a vital interface amongst interconnected ecosystems.

Norway has a rich heritage of using data and digital platforms to shape and enforce policy while providing rich citizen experiences. Altinn is Norway’s national digital platform that serves as a public data infrastructure for businesses and public service agencies.

The purpose of the Service Jam is to explore how startups and entrepreneurs can utilize platforms, such as Altinn, to develop data-driven service offerings. Care is the chosen theme since it is an exciting field for startups, businesses and public service agencies – and a source of growing importance.

For those of you who don’t know, a Service Jam is an event bringing together like-minded people who are interested in using design-thinking to creatively address specific challenges. In the spirit of the Service Jam, the organizers encourage participants to come with an open mind ready to explore a particular challenge, ideate potential solutions, experiment with novel approaches, and create concept prototypes.


We will use “challenges” as a means to create a context as to how data and digital platforms can be exploited by startups and entrepreneurs. The challenges are intended to guide and inspire and should not restrict the ideation process.

The proposed prototypes should focus on how Norwegians lives can be improved through the application of design, technology, and by leveraging Open Data. The concept prototypes can address one or more of the challenges described below.

The proposed ideas and solutions will be evaluated on their creativity/uniqueness, potential impact on society, ability to realize potential of concept prototype, and the team’s ability to present their concept prototypes in a succinct and professional manner to the jury.


Click on each box to read more about the challenges


Read more about the datasets from this document



12:00Doors Open - Coffee & Light Lunch
12:30Networking and team forming (for those coming without a pre-formed team)
  • Welcome Remarks
  • Keynote – Kathrine Myhre, CEO Oslo Medtech
  • Introduction to the Service Jam and practicals
  • Work on Projects in teams
  • Ideate Workshop
  • Coaching Check-Point
  • Pizza party
  • Work on Projects in teams
22:00Door closes


8:30Doors Open / Coffee & Snacks
8:45Day Two Welcome Remarks
  • Work On Project in Teams
  • Create Workshop
  • Work On Project in Teams
  • Lunch
  • Work On Projects in Teams
  • Coaching Check-Point
  • Final Hour Countdown
  • Final Presentations
  • Jury and Awards
18:30Event Close
19:00Social Event

*Program subject to change


The event will be held at The Oslo Medtech Health Incubator, Forskningsparken, Gaustadallen 21. More details in the signup form.


Altinn is a common public infrastructure with a broad spectrum of generic services aimed at effective production of digital services and interactions with the public sector. Altinn offers four product platforms: services, authorization, integration and infrastructure. The products are available through three channels: The Altinn Web Portal, APIs and Mobile apps.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. It supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.

Oslo Medtech is a health technology cluster, dedicated to accelerate and suport the development of new medtech and eHealth products, services and innovative solutions for the Norwegian and global health care market. Oslo Med Tech has ca. 190 members and the full health value chain is represented. Its mission is to develop and industrialize world class health technology products and services that enables sustainable and high quality treatment and care, and Norwegian medtech industry growth.

The Institute of Design teaches, researches, and develops knowledge in the fields of Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Service Design and Systems Oriented Design. AHO has conducted research and teaching in Service Design since 2005, and regularly collaborates with businesses such as Telenor, DNB and Posten. The course Service Design 1 from the Design Master will support the design and development of the OIW Service Design Jam.


Why is the focus on start-ups?

The theme at this year’s Oslo Innovation Week is “power-couples,” which refers to the innovative power that can be produced by linking startups with established organizations.

Altinn, Oslo Medtech, and Innovation Norway are all involved in efforts to engage with Start-Ups in Norway. What better way to do so, then by hosting a Service Jam during Oslo Innovation Week.

You can read more about the government’s efforts here:https://www.regjeringen.no/no/aktuelt/enklere-a-lykkes-som-grunder/id2457490

Where can I read more about the data sets?

Follow this link https://goo.gl/o4gqCt to read more about the data sets to be made available for the event

Follow this link https://goo.gl/9bjt8B to locate files that can help you understand more about the data sets and general information on the role of data sets in digitalization.

NB! Resources via these links will be updated continuously.

Why Altinn?

Altinn is a platform for the secure transport of data between authenticated Norwegian actors ie individuals, companies and agencies. Altinn provides exciting opportunities for sharing and reuse of data across public participants through Altinn’s mechanism for user-controlled consent and authorization. Partners participating in the Service Jam (eg Dir for eHealth, Brønnøysundregistrene, etc.) will be able to make available their data directly - either through their own APIs or data sets.

What is a Prototype?

In its simplest form, a prototype is a preliminary version of a solution. Given the short amount of time to develop your prototypes, they might not be as complete as you initially wished, but what is important is that you have enough content to show the jury what your service/solution is and how it will function at the end of the jam.

Who can attend the jam?

Anyone! As long as you come with an open mind and are ready to learn, you are more than welcome. We encourage you to sign up as a team.

I have a non-technical background; Can I still participate?

Yes, you can! A technical background is not a requirement. Rather than executing a traditional programming-focused Hackathon, this is a Service Jam where the emphasis is on using design thinking and ideation in combination with data to create new solutions and services.

People will be placed in teams during the Jam and those teams will have a nice mix of technical and non-technical backgrounds. In addition, there will be coaching and workshop sessions to help you dive into the material.

What if I can only be present part of the time, but would still like to participate?

Although it is encouraged that participants remain at the Jam, we understand this isn’t always possible. What is most important is that you are there at the kick-off of the jam or that you have teammates who can cover for you.

What if I don’t have a full team?

No problem! If you do not have a pre-established team there will be a session prior to the event launch whereby teams are formed.

How can I make sure I have all the data needed for my idea?

Data will always be limited by availability, but local data experts will be on site to try to guide the process of locating the necessary data. Your requests for data can also help influence how data can be shared.

I am not so creative in transforming my idea into the real end product - is this event still relevant for me?

Yes! Join with an open mind and a willingness to collaborate with other participants As part of the Service Jam a number of experts will be on-site to facilitate workshops and coaching sessions.

I am very technical and love hacking - but lack a business idea - is this event still relevant for me?

Yes! We understand that it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to come up with a relevant business idea on the spot, but through workshops facilitated by design experts we will try to help you come up with something tangible. We also encourage teaming with others participants who may lack technical expertise.

I have another question - not covered in this Q&A - where can I get a fast answer?

Please write to OIW2016@altinn.no and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Do I need to bring any equipment to the event?

Yes, any equipment that you deem necessary should be brought with. No hardware will not be provided, though we promise to provide WiFi and plenty of snacks!

Where can I get updates on the event?

You are in the right place, all updates to the event can be found on this website. For any specific questions, please write OIW2016@altinn.no

How will the prototypes be judged?

Creativity / Innovativeness

  • Innovativeness and creativity of the idea
  • Disruptive nature of the idea
  • Demonstrating out-of-the-box thinking
  • Distinction from the competing solutions


  • How well idea satisfies a real need
  • Generality and scalability, if applicable; e.g. potential to global expansion


  • Implementation readiness and easiness of the idea
  • Feasibility of the idea
  • Sustainability of the solution
  • Simplicity of the solution
  • Utilizing existing components in implementation
  • Using digital technologies in novel ways


  • Structure of the presentation, golden thread
  • Flow of the presentation
  • Team organization and teamwork
  • Use of visualization
  • Time management
  • Precise and clear answers to jury questions, handling of the questions as a team


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The growth in the number of pensioners in Norway is expected to double by 2060. This fact will create increasing pressure on the government and society to care for an ageing population through reducing rising healthcare costs, ease of use, maximizing the effect of digital technologies, while giving pensioners a high quality of life.


The way care is delivered to people in the 21st century is rapidly evolving along with transport. Innovations such as Uber Health, Intelligent Ambulances, and video messaging are drastically changing the way care is delivered and the role of transportation within it.


Even though people now have more leisure time than ever, Health Norway reports that more than one in five of Norwegians experience loneliness. However, new technologies are allowing volunteers to connect with those in need and new digital tools are being developed to combat loneliness.


Social welfare is a cornerstone of the Nordic welfare model. As technology grows in importance, the way welfare is distributed and the way people care for themselves are being increasingly influenced by new advancements. Technology promise entirely new ways for people to care for themselves from wearable devices to data-driven insights from analytics.


The number of people in Norway who are classified as overweight and obese has risen by 4% since 2005. Today, 28% of Norwegians are overweight and roughly 16% never exercise. However, with the help of technology people are finding new ways to meet their fitness and diet goals and educate themselves to the benefits of health living through physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet.


One area that potential entrepreneurs often have trouble with is establishing their new business in a smooth and seamless manner. In addition, dialogue with the public sector can often some fragmented and burdensome. How then can Altinn, as the portal for electronic dialogue between entrepreneurs and government agencies be improved?